Angie’s Volunteer Story

Angie Volunteer Superstar

Angie Newell

Volunteering at Veteran’s Transitional House is a wonderful non-profit organization that help so many Veteran members transition back into society.  The organization is known to so many many in the Veteran community.  It amazes me that many of the residents are in state and out of state.  I asked one out of state resident, “How did you find out about Veteran’s Transition House?”  He replied, “This place is known to so many by word of mouth.”

Sharing your time is a worthwhile and rewarding experience. Initially, I met Kelli Munroe, a VISTA Volunteer Coordinator, is helpful in suggesting ideas to make volunteering worthwhile.  I was so unsure how to help and thought,”how could I possibly fit in as I never fought in a war or served my country?” Kelli Munroe along with various staff members calm my nerves and support me as I found my way to volunteer with the men.  The opportunities can be as simple as offering a pair of extra hands to help out with an event, participate in Earth Day community clean up, or be an encouraging audience for a group game amongst the residents.  Volunteers can also come up with their own ideas and staff members will assist in any way possible so your project can come to fruition.

Angie planting flowers during Comcast Cares Day

Angie planting flowers during Comcast Cares Day

Volunteering does seem effortless as conversations and laughter flow while a rapport is built with the men, staff members, and other volunteers.  I look forward to my next volunteer opportunity to see some unfamiliar faces amongst some familiar faces and know that some of my residents left the program to travel back to their city, town, or state transitioning back once again to be a productive member of society.  This organization works within the community and has a recipe of success to house the homeless, provide skills, and various therapies, to help veterans get back on their feet.

It is a pleasure to write about my organization and an even greater pleasure telling others about the great work that Veteran’s Transition House does each and everyday.  I truly feel it is my mission to encourage others to bring their vision and talent to share with a very grateful veteran community.


Angela Newell